Ultimate Wonder Women Fitness Method


Aimed at those who have some experience of exercise who may have lost their motivation or don’t have time to travel to the gym and back.

At the start of the six week programme, you are asked to perform flexibility, movement screening, strength and stamina tests and record the results so you can visibly track your progress. This is repeated at the end of the sixth week so you can see how much you have progressed and increased the number of reps you can do!

We have created short intro videos which explain how to perform each exercise to ensure that they are performed correctly to maximise results for busy women short on time.

High intensity interval exercises have been designed for people who don’t have a lot of space in their home. We use your own body weight, and for those who want a little more intensity, extra weights such as dumbbells and kettle bells can be used.

Within the App you will access different fitness exercises depending on the week you are on.

There is also a simple nutritional guide in the App which shares the basics of good nutrition along with some healthy recipes to try.

All this for just £299.00 one off price. Are you ready to get stronger and feel wonderful?



Wonder Women is a fitness programme designed to be completed over six weeks.  Through short, intense workouts three times per week with recovery and rest days built in, our method will help you become stronger and feel wonderful and just that little bit more ‘bad-ass’!.

By joining the programme you will gain access to our Wonder Women App which hosts all the information about how to complete our fitness method.

Membership also gives you access to an online support network of founder members and fellow Wonder Women. Here you can share your story, ask questions and receive ongoing support to help you achieve your goals


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